IMB 2017

Inco Forum | Netherlands Means Business 2017

The first INCO Forum in Netherlands was a great success, and has enabled entrepreneurs from all over the world to expand their company overseas!

A variety of more than 15 speakers from different industries, have paved the way to access the European market via The Netherlands, or countries as Germany, Belgium, UK and France.

During the Forum more than 10% of the participants were actively considering to incorporate a company, and 14 companies have been incorporated during the program which prepared entrepreneurs for the Forum.

Getting all information you need to get your company incorporated and meeting the right contacts at the same time! More than 100 entrepreneurs and 15 experts and business coaches, paved the way to access the European market.

During the ‘Business Dinner’ at night, we had an official welcome by the City Council, the local University and the local (government) Expat Center.

Past Speakers