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We are glad to announce that our European partner and global incorporator INCO Business Group is organizing a day-long event to provide all the necessary support for you to incorporate company, or get residency in Europe or UAE.

Guaranteed entrepreneur and start-up visa service
Applying for a European work or residence permit can be an
arduous, time-consuming task, with immigration departments requiring strong business plans supported by documentary evidence. Fortunately we at INCO specialise in this procedure and have the confidence to guarantee that if we don’t secure your visa, you’ll have zero to


We’ll introduce your business to Europe – or no fee!
Planning to enter the European market but not sure where to begin? INCO’s business development service will help you find new business on a no-cure-no-pay basis! Combining our expert knowledge and extensive professional network with your company profile, we’ll connect you with the right customers, suppliers, banks, partners, and even help find hiring candidates in Europe.

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May 2018

This year, INCO is hosting events in  Dubai  on 10th May 2018  which offer the golden opportunity to incorporate your company and prepare for international business. Each event will be attended by more than 200 entrepreneurs, business developers and corporate service agents. If you have recently incorporated your company—either alone or via INCO—our events can lead you to further success in accessing new markets and connecting with potential clients, suppliers, and industry specialists.

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